Bark N Bounce Doggy Daycare Terms & Conditions

Please read the following by submitting your registration form and using our services you agree to our terms and conditions.

•All dogs must be registered with Barn N Bounce.

•By submitting these forms you are consenting for your dog to be socialized in a group with other dogs.

•Dogs are accepted on the basis of the information provided on the registration form, if a pet exhibiting behaviour not predicable from the information disclosed on the registration form or observed on the dogs trial period the dog will be banned from Bark N Bounce doggy day care for the safety of the other dogs.  

•You must inform us if you dog exhibits aggression to other dogs or people when out of day care.

•Those dogs as listed in the Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act 1997 e.g. the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro or wolf cross breeds cannot be accepted.  

•Some breeds do not always fit into the day care environment due to breed specific traits.  

•Only dogs considered to be well socialized, who enjoy the company of other dogs and people, are suitable for Bark N Bounce doggy day care, Please note that not all dogs are suitable.

•All dogs will be interviewed on a trial basis along with their owners.

•All dogs accepted must have an up-to-date vaccination certificate or titer test, it is advised that your dog is vaccinated against kennel cough.

•We require that all dogs attending day care be on year round flea and worm prevention. While it is unlikely that your dog will get fleas while at day care, there is always a possibility anytime your dog is exposed to other animals. If your dog is on flea prevention and is exposed to a dog with fleas you wont have to worry about having a problem at home, flea prevention is for your protection.

•All dogs must be in good physical health to attend Bark N Bounce doggy day care.

•If your dog requires medication while at day care we will need writ-ten consent from you for our staff to medicate them along with written instructions, all medicines need to be in there original packaging.  

• We reserves the right to refuse, or terminate the contract of any dog or owner who displays aggressive, destructive or unreasonable behaviour.

•Any dog that exhibits inappropriate behaviour while in day care will be referred to one of our approved trainers and behaviourists. If a behavioural problem is not actively addressed your contract with Bark N Bounce will be terminated.

• Dogs must have a collar with a legal tag on to attend Bark N Bounce Doggy day care, Legal tags must contain your surname, the first line of your address and post code anything else is optional.

• Collars must be standard flat collars, we do not accept prong, choke, half check or shock collars.

• Dogs must also enter and leave day care on a standard fixed lead.

• Dogs at play can occasionally get cuts and scrapes, especially those dogs that like to play rough.

• I understand that a Bark N Bounce staff member trained in canine first aid will give all pets involved in any type of incident a cursory examination, however the Bark N Bounce staff are not trained veterinarians and will not be liable for the location, treatment or diagnosis of any injuries incurred on the Facility’s premises. If your dog(s) is/are involved in an incident at Bark N Bounce, you will check your dog(s) further or seek treatment for your dog(s) by a licensed veterinarian at your discretion and cost

• In the unlikely event of your dog being involved in an accident or in an emergency, we will take your dog to our local vets (my pets vets) if we cannot contact you.

•Dogs not familiar with the Facility may experience separation anxiety when apart from their human companions.

Dogs not regularly exposed to the level of activity at the Facility may feel the discomfort of sore muscles, sore joints and fatigue, and dogs not regularly exposed to outside activity or play on hard surfaces may experience sore paws, blisters, bruises or abrasions on the feet (Raw Paw).

•Dogs not regularly socialized do not necessarily know how to behave politely with other dogs. These dogs are at higher risk of incidents including, but not limited to, bites, fights, fear aggression, object guarding, and behaviour problems and/or acting out.

•Dogs at play can get dirty. Dogs with longer hair can get matted from the level of activity at day care. Baths and brush outs can be requested and scheduled. Excessively long toenails may cause injury.

•Water is available at all times; however, your dog may still be thirsty after day care. you will be aware of their water intake as excessive amounts may cause an upset stomach or other problems.  

•Dogs requiring food during the day can be fed there own usual dog food this must be supplied by the owner and consent given for staff members to feed your dog.

•All dogs requiring food are fed away from other dogs and crated.

•Dogs requiring rest during the day especially those under 12months are rested in crates, if your dog is not crate trained a member of staff will slowly introduce the crate to them and a staff member will always be present.

•Dogs are grouped depending on breed, age and play style, all our groups are mixed ages to ensure young dogs learn appropriate play and dog social skills from older mature dogs, this is not "socialisation" in the context of pet dogs, dog socialisation in the real word is complex and meeting other dogs is tiny percentage of this. 

• As of 6th April 2016 all dogs are required by law to be microchipped.

• We do not offer credit terms for day care, therefore payment must be made by cash or card when collecting your dog.

• Photographs, video’s or digital recordings are taken of Bark N Bounce, dogs, customers and staff on a regular basis for, among other things, use in marketing by Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care. I acknowledge that all such images (electronic, negatives and positives), together with prints and the copyrights therein, are the property of Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care. I give Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care and persons authorized by Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care my consent, permission and authorization, without compensation to me, to use, reproduce and alter the images, in print or electronic format (including on the internet), either alone or in combination with other images, text and graphics. I waive my right to approve the finished photograph, advertising copy, print material or electronic files that may be used in conjunction with the images.

​• This privacy notice sets out how Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care uses and protects any information that you give us.

Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care Leigh Ltd is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this privacy notice.

What we collect:
We may collect the following information:

  • Name.

  • Contact information including email address, telephone number and address.

  • Financial information to process your payments.

  • Demographic information such as postcode and preferences.

  • Other information relevant to customer surveys and/or offers.

  • To maintain customer service standards and to assist staff training, we may record and monitor incoming calls.

  • CCTV is in operation at Bark N Bounce Doggy Day Care.

What we do with the information we gather:
We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:

  • Internal record keeping. We may use the information to improve our services and will use it to keep your record up to date.

  • We may periodically send promotional calls about special offers, appointment availability or other information which we think you may find interesting, using the email address which you have provided.

  • From time to time, we may also use your information to contact you for market research purposes. We may contact you by email, phone, fax or mail.

  • We will not provide your information to any third party without your express permission, with the exception of a vet in the event of an emergency.

  • CCTV footage is captured purely for your security and for the prevention and detection of crime. If you’d like to know more, please contact via the details below.

By submitting your personal information and indicating that you would like to receive further information from us, you consent to us using your personal information in the above ways.


How long do we keep information?
If you are a regular customer we will keep your digital information on our secure database and your confidential paperwork in a secure cupboard and regularly check to ensure we hold the most current details for you.

If you have not visited us  in 2 years, we will delete all records we hold for you.

If you wish to talk to use about or amend information we hold about you, please contact 07539786119 or email