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Stay N Play Group Breed Meets

1 dog 1 car-£12.00

2 dogs 1 car £17.00 

1 HOUR 20 MINS These are group sessions, your dog MUST be dog & human friendly. If your dog is nervous we would not recommend these sessions. 

Un neutered males can attend providing they don't show signs of dominance.

Stay N Play Private hire

Minimum charge-£20 55 mins this covers you for up to 2 dogs, then £10 each additional dog.

55 min session. This is private hire where you book it for either just yourself or you and your friends.

Birthday Parties

Same prices as private hire, £10 a dog minimum charge £20.

55 minute long session. 

Maximum Summer-20 dogs Winter 15 dogs   

We have extras you can add on at great prices..

Personalised birthday banners x2-£5.

  Your dogs name on a party banner.

Party bags-£5 each dog.

  Dog biscuit, treat cone & tennis ball.

A mini buffet-£5


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