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Puppy Social Parties

We offer puppy socials! These are for puppies only great for socializing with other pups, meeting new people, building confidence in different surroundings/different surfaces, learning off other pups all in a safe secure area. WINTER MONTHS ONCE A 













Did you know that your newly adopted, super cute, fuzzy, four-legged bundle of joy is already incredibly smart and ready to learn? The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are important for their development. It’s a crucial time where their fears are small and their desire to learn and be social is at its peak. Socializing your puppy during this time will help them develop into a happy, confident dog no matter what environment or situation they’re placed in. Keep reading for more information on the importance of socializing your pup, including expert tips and practical advice.  


What does it mean to “socialize your puppy”?

Socializing your puppy isn’t just about meeting new dogs and people. It means safely and methodically exposing her to a variety of people, places, and experiences in a safe and positive manner — the more experiences, the better. This helps your puppy grow into a well-adjusted, confident adult dog that is less likely to exhibit fear or aggression in the face of new encounters.


When making a socialization plan, it’s important to anticipate all the possible sights and sounds that will be a part of your pup’s environment. Do you live in a city with loud noises and busy sidewalks? Or do you live in the country where farm animals or machinery are a constant sound in the background? Do you plan to travel with your dog? Will your puppy be around children or other pets at any point in their life?


Leaving out this important step in your puppy care plan may result in a dog that is often fearful of new things or easily stressed when placed in unfamiliar situations. 

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